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Credit Administration

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Our Credit Administration teams around the world are designed to provide smart, scalable operational solutions for commercial real estate credit investments, including loan servicing, facility and security agency, treasury and cash management, fund and asset level accounting, risk management and tax and insurance monitoring and administration.

Our Administration Difference

AccurateWe bring precision to credit administration, looking closely at the details to ensure everything is error-free and running efficiently.
OptimizedWe are problem-solvers focused on finding solutions that streamline administrative processes that result in cost and time savings.
ResponsiveWe are transparent partners who understand the importance of timely communication that keeps everyone aligned and moving forward.

Our Service Set

  • Review and analyze the loan documents pre-closing to ensure servicing mechanics are well defined, thereby improving the ongoing processes for payment rights and obligations.
  • Provide the borrower with a “Welcome Letter” and set up the asset in our servicing system.
  • Consult on cash management structures and coordinate the opening of cash management accounts in conjunction with borrower, client, bank and counsel.
  • Collect operating statements, rent rolls, financial statements and other key reports from borrowers and guarantors in accordance with the loan documents, and provide timely reports on compliance.
  • Prepare and provide billing statements to borrowers, and collect, process and record payments due in accordance with the loan documents.
  • Post all other activity to the asset, such as loan advances, escrow and reserve disbursements, fees and expenses based on the loan documents and the servicing standards.
  • Prepare and deliver payoff quotes to the borrower on the lender’s behalf as the loan reaches maturity, and upon receipt of proceeds execute the payoff process and manage collateral releases.
  • Monitor and report on key metrics for standing letters of credit with borrower counterparties essential to the overall credit analysis.
  • Provide the key performance indicators necessary for clients to evaluate investments and access this information through leading web-based technologies rapidly and efficiently.
  • Image and maintain copies of all loan documents and records and make available via our online platform.
  • Provide standard reporting such as remittance, delinquency, and critical date reporting, as well as other ad hoc reports, as needed.
  • Prepare and deliver full IRP reporting packages, as required for securitized assets.
  • Establish and administer principal and interest accounts and remit funds according to pre-defined schedules.
  • Administer cash management accounts set up and provide borrowers with online access to view accounts as requested.
  • Establish and maintain escrow and reserve accounts in either the borrower or lender’s name.
  • Manage bank accounts, banking relationships and pre-negotiated control agreements.
  • Monitor tax compliance, obtain copies of all applicable tax bills and affect the payments as required.
  • Monitor insurance covenant compliance.
  • Perform periodic analysis of tax and insurance escrow accounts to ensure sufficient funds are available as required pursuant to loan documents.
  • Manage all forms of complicated loan syndications or participations and manage client positions throughout the capital stack.
  • Administer our client’s master credit facilities and repo lines, including reporting and remitting to each warehouse lender.
  • Prepare and file all required 1098, 1099-A, 1099-C and 1099-MISC IRS forms on behalf of lenders.
  • File UCC financial statement continuations and terminations in accordance with governing jurisdictions.