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Credit & Asset Management

Maximizing Middle-Office Value

When it comes to managing commercial real estate capital post-investment, Trimont’s Credit and Asset Management (CAM) teams provide globally integrated, outsourced middle-office resources to our clients around the world.

CAM services include financial oversight, business plan development and execution for both performing and non-performing credit, including workouts and special servicing on securitized and non-securitized credit.

Our Management Difference

SpecializedWe have a unique and proven skillset that earned us the reputation as the go-to credit management resource on complex CRE investments.
StrategicWe view every project through a long-term lens to ensure you can better evaluate and act on plans that will drive exceptional results.
ScalableWe provide the middle-office tools, resources and support needed to scale up your strategy with confidence, pace and precision.

Optimize Your Management

  • Monitor, manage and report on your ongoing cash flows, at the property, fund and portfolio levels, and capital accounts throughout the capital stack, including forecasts.
  • Ongoing reviews and recommendations, including financial statement analysis, covenant triggers and debt service coverage/debt yield ratios.
  • Monitor, manage and provide timely reporting of investment performance through analysis of actual performance compared with underwriting, as well as a wide range of external and internal factors.
  • Visit and inspect investments as directed, including interviewing staff, comparable asset analysis, and monitoring business plan progress.
  • Monitor and report on complex hedging structures, interest rate protection, and advise on collateral, sponsor or regulatory compliance and future risks.
  • Administer and report on loan modifications, draw requests, capital calls and capital accounts, lien and deed releases, and letters of credit, including ongoing counter-party obligations.
  • Facilitate partial releases for condominium and land sale transactions and manage the collection and distribution of cash flows.
  • Track, report on and abstract leases with analysis on tenant exposure, rollover risk, tenant and leasing costs, and renewals.
  • Administer and effectuate communications on your behalf in syndications, participations and other highly structured transactions.
  • Provide focused secondary management that complements the work of the Lender and Servicer.
  • Identification and measurement of credit risk for each portfolio loan in a uniform and consistent manner based upon risk rating standards.
  • Watchlist definition and development that allows for discovery and tracking of loan and portfolio risk drivers consistent with client operating procedures.
  • Assist GSE by providing a focused review, evaluation and recommendation of Servicer’s work product that supplements the recommendation of the Servicer.
  • Provide surveillance, consent review and consultation, advisory and, when required, non-conflicted special servicing of defaulted mortgage loans.
  • Establish clear protocols for advanced procedures. Coordinate with sponsors, general contractors, clients, inspectors, title companies and syndicate or participant lenders.
  • Review sponsor equity, budgets, cost reports, construction contracts, invoices, lien waivers, change orders, buy-out logs and all documentation to setup and maintain draw tracking.
  • Review third party reports including inspector’s reports and title updates providing summaries and insight as to any deficiencies.
  • Track and review covenant compliance on items such as stored materials, deposits and retainage. Provide proprietary checklists and make funding recommendations.
  • Set-up and maintain detailed unit-by-unit tracking, monitor progress and approvals of condominium offering documents and marketing efforts, review sales contracts and monitor earnest money deposits.
  • Provide project management supervision during the land entitlement process, including oversight of agency and municipality processes and regular borrower/sponsor meetings.
  • Collaboratively build and execute strategic workout plans and project timelines to discover issues and opportunities that impact investments and the ongoing decisions critical to maximizing recoveries and returns.
  • Advise on the status of the sponsor, property and market and work with third parties that support the execution of a successful workout.
  • Provide guidance through the process, be a forceful advocate for our clients, and serve as an “on-the-ground” resource to operate the asset and drive the REO plan to successful disposition to maximize recovery.
  • Actively communicate with our clients and their lenders or partners so that they have confidence the problem is being aggressively driven towards resolution.
  • As circumstances change, continuously evaluate workout plans and inform and advise on optimal options.
  • Advise on potential enforcement rights and remedies, including the potential rights and obligations of counterparties and other active or passive lien holders or investors throughout the capital stack.
  • Provide support on settlements, loan or partnership modifications, enforcement actions, forbearance agreements, bankruptcies, foreclosures, borrower and counterparty claims.
  • Assist in selecting and engaging third party vendors that are critical to the workout process including professional consultants, appraisers, attorneys, brokers, receivers and engineering firms.
  • Assess construction team’s ability to complete the project including borrower, general contractor, architect and sales/leasing team. We also assess the cost to complete and negotiate source of payments with borrower, other members of the capital stack and the contractors.