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INvestment Advisory

Deploying Capital. Driving Value.

Trimont provides trusted front-office solutions for independent analysis and perspectives on the financial risks inherent in commercial real estate throughout the capital stack and around the globe.

Our Investment Advisory teams help clients deploy capital more effectively by providing due diligence, underwriting, investment surveillance and credit valuation analytics across all asset classes in both the public and private markets.

Our Deployment Difference

CollaborationOur team-based approach emphasizes productive relationships built on mutual understanding, alignment of objectives, and working together.
CommunicationWe are a responsive partner committed to providing accurate, concise and timely communication that keeps you informed and on-track.
ClarityWe offer a transparent and straightforward process that ensures a clear view of your investments, options and the recommended course of action.

Investment Advisory Services

  • Detailed and sophisticated financial analysis leveraging industry leading tools in a form that accommodates your style and needs.
  • Base case and break-even scenarios, with all key assumptions sensitized to your critical return thresholds.
  • Background and credit checks on potential borrowers, investment partners, sponsors, guarantors and other counterparties and their respective abilities to execute the business plan.
  • Supplemental financial analysis of “Risks and Mitigants” in each contemplated investment.
  • Audits and construction of dynamic Argus models with extensive waterfalls based on client’s risk tolerance.
  • Partnership solutions at any point in the investment, from deal sizing through loan closing.
  • Provide underwriting surveillance and advisory services at both inception, and along the way, including analysis for investors entering and exiting prior to investment maturity.
  • Independent advisor capabilities, with the ability to communicate directly to the investment committee.
  • “White Label” memorandums and/or independent analysis for internal due diligence teams to check and balance.
  • Conduct detailed review, analysis and critique of numerous investment-related documents and data points.
  • Comprehensive documentation including historical and forward-looking operating/financial statements, rent rolls, tax and insurance records, capital expenditures, market reports and all other key information.
  • Asset specific, sub-market and macro-market research, analysis and cross referencing from Trimont proprietary data, third-party reports and site inspections.
  • Research that includes performing market, marketability and feasibility analyses.
  • Detailed site inspections, including shopping rent and sales comparables, interviewing on-site staff and tenants, leasing/sales practices.
  • As-requested, market research as through discussions with local and property specific market participants, as well as additional research in published sources.
  • Engagement of third-party appraisal and review for reasonableness of value conclusions based on the provided analysis and information.
  • Non-USPAP valuation services including credit underwritten value estimates based on multiple valuation approaches, such as review of comparable sale transactions and direct capitalization methods.
  • Formation of perspective on mark-to-market estimates for financial instruments through utilization of market and proprietary data.
  • Comprehensive NPL analysis by evaluating asset and loan level cash flows and working with our Non-Performing Credit & Asset Management team to determine appropriate asset-specific resolution strategy.
  • Balance sheet risk management and credit administration support through periodic monitoring and reporting based on as is and as stabilized value ranges.