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Credit Administration

Optimise Your Administration

Our Credit Administration teams around the world are designed to provide smart, scalable operational solutions for commercial real estate credit investments, including loan servicing, facility and security agency, treasury and cash management, fund and asset level accounting, risk management and tax and insurance monitoring and administration.

Our Administration Difference

AccurateWe bring precision to credit administration, looking closely at the details to ensure everything is error-free and running efficiently.
OptimisedWe are problem-solvers focused on finding solutions that streamline administrative processes that result in cost and time savings.
ResponsiveWe are transparent partners who understand the importance of timely communication that keeps everyone aligned and moving forward.

Our Service Set

  • Set-up, daily management and servicing of loans
  • Cash management
  • Rate notifications, Borrower invoicing, billing and reconciliation
  • Processing of general requests, consent & waiver requests, modifications, etc.
  • Conduit between the Borrowers and Lenders
  • Set-up, daily management and servicing of loans
  • Administer controlled accounts and loan cash management
  • Administration of required reserves
  • Coordinating construction drawdowns
  • Coordinate communications regarding collections and distributions, resulting from complex waterfall calculations.
  • Bespoke investor reporting for securitized debt
  • Reporting under EU / UK Securitisation Regulation guidelines
  • Cash remittance reporting and reconciliation