Trimont Announces New Investor Relations & Reporting Team

Trimont, the global leader in commercial real estate credit management, facility and security agency, due diligence and advisory services, is thrilled to announce the inception of its Global Investor Relations and Reporting Team. The Investor Relations and Reporting Team operates independent of Trimont’s current service offerings and is tasked with building their global ability to aggregate and report on public securitized debt, CMBS and CLOs.

As COVID-19 rattles commercial real estate, industry players have found themselves scrambling for data and insight. “Heavy investments in technology and data reporting have positioned us to service our clients in the most productive manner, while also responding to the market’s appetite for data and insight. Our ability to provide regular and structured reporting allows our clients globally to react, trade and interface with the markets with a higher degree of confidence,”says Trimont CEO Brian Ward.

After a thorough recruitment effort, Trimont has brought in Robert Pike (formerly of Mount Street) to pilot the Investor Relations and Reporting Team. With previous stints at Morgan Stanley, The Carlyle Group and JPMorgan Chase, Robert brings over 20 years of commercial real estate and finance experience to the Trimont office. “It’s an honor to be a part of the Trimont team. I look forward to aiding them in carrying out their value proposition and the value proposition of their clients globally,” says Robert.

“Robert and his team are true specialists in the reporting and investor relations space. We are confident that his expertise will guide an Investor Relations and Reporting Team that is second-to-none within the industry,”comments Mitchell Hunter, Trimont President of Americas.

Trimont will continue to support and advance its tech and reporting initiatives, reaffirming its commitment to clients and its position globally within the CRE space.

About Trimont LLC

Trimont ( is a specialized global commercial real estate loan services provider and partner for lenders seeking the infrastructure and capabilities needed to help them scale their business and make informed, effective decisions related to the deployment, management and administration of commercial real estate secured credit.

Data-driven, collaborative, and focused entirely on commercial real estate, Trimont brings a distinctive mix of intelligent loan analysis, responsive communications, and unmatched administrative capabilities to partners seeking cost-effective solutions at scale.

Founded in 1988 and headquartered in Atlanta, Trimont’s team of 400+ employees serve a global client base from offices in Atlanta, Dallas, Kansas City, London, New York and Sydney. The firm currently has $236B in loans under management and serves clients with assets in 72 countries.

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