Trimont Europe Ratings Affirmed by S&P Global

Rating Reflects Company’s Commitment to Growth in Europe

LONDON (23 October 2023) In September, S&P Global Ratings affirmed Trimont Europe’s rankings as “ABOVE AVERAGE” as a commercial mortgage loan primary servicer and “AVERAGE” as a special servicer of commercial mortgage loans in the U.K. Trimont is a specialised global commercial real estate loan services provider, and has been ranked by S&P Global since 2021.

“This ranking affirmation by S&P demonstrates the ongoing dedication of our European team to deliver exceptional service to our clients and partners,” says Trimont CEO Bill Sexton. “We continue to focus on providing the technology and expertise needed to optimise operations, manage risk and service loans for the world’s largest global lenders.”

S&P cites several contributing factors as evidence for the ratings:

  • Experienced senior staff, including management who previously held leadership positions at other S&P Global Ratings-ranked commercial mortgage loan primary and special servicers;
  • Diversified array of formal internal and external training programs, as well as on-the-job training;
  • Integrated information technology (IT) systems that are consistent across the globe (albeit some customization has been done to address regional differences);
  • Operative support from its sister company, the U.S.-based servicer Trimont LLC (Trimont U.S.), who we also rank;
  • Solid disaster recovery and cybersecurity protocols provided by Trimont U.S.;
  • Good internal controls environment, which is supported by Trimont U.S.;
  • Solid growth in primary servicing volumes over the last two years with servicing activity performing in line with company expectations, growing to more than 12,000 properties from 546 properties at the time of our prior report;
  • Consistent staff growth to 44 employees (as of December 2022) from 35 employees (December 2021) in the London office, with management reporting continued strong interest from prospective employees; and
  • Experienced staff with relevant backgrounds in managing nonperforming commercial mortgage loans in the U.K.

“These ratings highlight Trimont’s proven track record as a loan servicer in Europe and our highly experienced team’s commitment to operating with accuracy, transparency and reliability at every stage,” comments Dean Harris, Executive Managing Director for EMEA.

See the full S&P report for 2023.

About Trimont Europe Limited

Trimont ( is a specialised global commercial real estate loan services provider and partner for lenders seeking the infrastructure and capabilities needed to help them scale their business and make informed, effective decisions related to the deployment, management and administration of commercial real estate secured credit.

Data-driven, collaborative and focused on commercial real estate, Trimont brings a distinctive mix of intelligent loan analysis, responsive communications, and unmatched administrative capabilities to clients seeking cost-effective solutions at scale.

Founded in 1988 and headquartered in Atlanta, Trimont’s team of 400+ employees serves a global client base from offices in Atlanta, Dallas, Kansas City, London, New York and Sydney. The firm currently has GBP 189B in loans under management and serves clients with assets in 72 countries.

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