Turning Challenges into Victories: A Three-time Cancer Survivor’s Experience

October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Trimont is committed to honoring the resilience of patients, survivors, and their families around the world. This month, we are honored to feature one of our longest serving employees, Raquel Brown, who is also a three-time survivor of cancer. 

Raquel has been with Trimont for more than 27 years and currently serves as the Chief Security Officer, based in our Atlanta office. During her time at Trimont she has established herself as an indispensable leader and resource to the team.

Raquel has generously shared her personal story, advice and the importance of early detection.

By Raquel Brown
Chief Security Officer for Trimont

My journey with cancer began unexpectedly in June 2006 when I was diagnosed with colon cancer at only 35 years old and with no family history of the disease. My treatment consisted of surgery and frequent screenings for the next three years. Just a year later, I was diagnosed with breast cancer after an abnormal mammogram and surgical biopsy. This led to a lumpectomy, five years of estrogen blocking medicine, and close surveillance. Fast forward twelve years to May 2019, and I found myself facing a diagnosis of breast cancer. After another lumpectomy and another five years of estrogen blocking medicine, I remain under close watch today.

When you hear the words, “you have cancer,” and after the shock wears off, all you want to do is start the fight. Having my treatment plan laid out swiftly was crucial to my sanity throughout these battles. My doctors have been a beacon of support, guiding me through every decision and step in the process.

Having a strong support system has been instrumental in maintaining my positive outlook. My faith, along with the unwavering support from friends and family, has been the largest source of strength. In the workplace, my colleagues at Trimont have proven to be a second family. This support, encouragement, and understanding are things you cannot put a price on.

“When your health is taken away from you, it creates another level of understanding what is truly important in this world.”

It has made me appreciate the small victories, which can be a lifeline on the darker days. I would advise anyone recently diagnosed with cancer to hold onto these small wins and to be assertive in their treatment plan.

I have found strength and community in participating in Cancer Walks and collaborating on this year’s Cancer Awareness initiative at work, Bowl for a Cure. It is empowering to convert my personal experience into a tool for raising awareness.

One of the things I cannot stress enough is the importance of regular screenings and early detection. I consider myself fortunate that all my cancers were discovered early. Today I am a three-time cancer survivor, thanks to early detection. In the face of adversity, remember you’re not alone in this battle. Reach out, be vocal, and never hesitate to seek a second or third opinion. Don’t ever underestimate the power of early detection and the strength that lies within you.

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